Arsenal look set to re-sign Brazilian forward Wellington Silva, and then sell him again to Bordeaux.

  • Arsenal will essentially re-sign Silva before selling him on again
  • Arsenal inserted a clause that’d allow them to buy-back 50% of the player’s rights
  • Silva will move straight from Fluminese to Bordeaux

In what has to be one of this summer’s most confusing transfers, Arsenal will activate a buy-back clause in Silva’s contract before selling him on to Ligue 1 side Bordeaux.

According to reports from Brazil, Arsenal inserted a clause that’d allow them to purchase 50% of Silva’s economic rights when he re-joined Fluminese.

Silva has had a good season in Brazil and has once again been attracting European scouts. Bordeaux want the forward and are willing to pay Arsenal £3.5m to sign him.

While Arsenal will technically be buying the player back, Silva is expected to join Bordeaux straight from Fluminese and will not have to travel to London at all.

The deal looks very strange but this is standard practice in Brazil, where clubs share the ownership of a player with third parties.

As Fluminese technically do not own Silva, they have little involvement in the deal. Fluminese are in a difficult financial situation and have to move the player on to trim their wage bill.

Silva has scored seven goals for Fluminese this season.