Social media is a huge part of Women’s football, boosting the game to a wider market as well as having closer communication with its supporters.

Arsenal Ladies are a popular football club on Twitter, most notably, boasting 165,000 followers.

The players each have accounts to give updates to supporters and we’ve assorted the list below.


Sari van Veenendaal

Sari Van Veenendaal   @SarivVeenendaal

Anna Moorhouse @annamoorhouse13


Alex Scott

Alex Scott @AlexScott

Emma Mitchell @emsmitch3

Leah Williamson @leahwilliamsonn

Louise Quinn @louise_quinn4

Jemma Rose @jemmarose19

Vyan Sampson @VV_SAMPSON


Jordan Nobbs

Jordan Nobbs @JordanNobbs8

Danielle Van De Donk @DanielleDonk

Fara Williams @fara_williams47

Dominique Janssen @DominiqueJansse

Heather O’Reilly @HeatherOReilly


Jodie Taylor

Jodie Taylor @Jodes_14

Katie McCabe @_KatieMcCabe9

Chloe Kelly @Chloe_Kelly98

Danielle Carter @DanielleCarter

Bethany Mead @bmeado9

Rest of the squad

Charlie Devlin

Charlotte Devlin @charliedevlin98

Sian Rogers @sianrogers3

Taylor Hinds @taylorhinds_

Lisa Evans @LisaEvans_17

Anna Miedema @VivianneMiedema

Anna Filbey @Anna_Filbey99

Gabby Ravenscroft @ravenscroft43

Shannon Cooke @shann_cooke

Miri Taylor @_miriaeltaylor

Our correspondent Sylvain Jament has created a Twitter list with all the Arsenal players listed.