Social media is a huge part of Women’s football, boosting the game to a wider market as well as having closer communication with its supporters.

Arsenal Ladies are a popular football club on Twitter, most notably, boasting 165,000 followers.

The players each have accounts to give updates to supporters and we’ve assorted the list below.


Sari Van Veenendaal   @SarivVeenendaal

Anna Moorhouse @annamoorhouse13


Alex Scott @AlexScott

Emma Mitchell @emsmitch3

Leah Williamson @leahwilliamsonn

Louise Quinn @louise_quinn4

Jemma Rose @jemmarose19

Vyan Sampson @VV_SAMPSON


Jordan Nobbs @JordanNobbs8

Danielle Van De Donk @DanielleDonk

Fara Williams @fara_williams47

Dominique Janssen @DominiqueJansse

Heather O’Reilly @HeatherOReilly


Jodie Taylor @Jodes_14

Katie McCabe @_KatieMcCabe9

Chloe Kelly @Chloe_Kelly98

Danielle Carter @DanielleCarter

Bethany Mead @bmeado9

Rest of the squad

Charlotte Devlin @charliedevlin98

Sian Rogers @sianrogers3

Taylor Hinds @taylorhinds_

Lisa Evans @LisaEvans_17

Anna Miedema @VivianneMiedema

Anna Filbey @Anna_Filbey99

Gabby Ravenscroft @ravenscroft43

Shannon Cooke @shann_cooke

Miri Taylor @_miriaeltaylor

Our correspondent Sylvain Jament has created a Twitter list with all the Arsenal players listed.