Back in June, a young man made the grave mistake of threatening to get an Alexandre Lacazette tattoo if the 26-year-old signed for Arsenal this summer.

  • Fan pledges to get Lacazette tattoo if striker signs for Arsenal
  • Lacazette signs for Arsenal
  • Lad keeps promise, picture goes viral

Twitter user sxmleach was so sure that Lacazette wouldn’t sign for Arsenal that he publicly vowed to get the striker’s face tattooed somewhere on his body if he did.

Weeks later, the France international became a Gunner, prompting Gooners everywhere and even Arsenal’s official Twitter account to get on the lad’s case.

True to his word, the fan (presumably, although you never really know these days) got the tattoo. On his arse.

There’s probably an Arse(nal) joke in there somewhere… So to speak.

The problem is, the ink looks more like Darren Bent than Lacazette. Although the fan can see the funny side and tweeted Bent with a picture.

Lacazette himself has even got in contact and wants to meet him to give him a shirt!

Every cloud and all that.