Arsenal and Spurs are confident Everton would accept a £25m deal for Ross Barkley, despite the Toffees slapping a £50m price tag on the midfielder’s head.

Ross Barkley is in the same situation as quite a few Arsenal players this summer, in that he’s entering into the last year of his contract. He’s currently injured but has been linked with Tottenham since last winter, with Standard Sport now reporting that Arsenal are also looking at the player.

With Everton spending a large amount of money on bringing players in, they may be looking to offload one or two to help fund new purchases, even with the big money move of Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian’s swich to Manchester United could have a negative impact on Barkley’s willingness to stay, as he won’t want to stick around with a club selling its best players.

This all points to the most likely outcome being an exit for the 23-year-old. But while Everton are looking for £50m this summer, the length of his contract is reportedly making the North London clubs confident that they could convince the Merseysiders to accept £25m.

Arsenal aren’t in any immediate need of an attacking-midfielder, but that could different in 12 months. Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla and Mesut Özil’s contracts expire in 2018, and Ramsey’s a year later, so it’s possible Arsenal could be interested in the England international.