Arsenal are still the biggest club in London, having earned more income than their rivals in 2015/16, according to Deloitte’s latest report.

  • Arsenal earned £350m in 2015/16
  • It’s more than Chelsea and much more than Tottenham
  • Arsenal are third overall, behind the two Manchester clubs

Deloitte’s latest report via the Standard revealed how much money Premier League clubs made during the 2015-16 season. Arsenal made £350m in revenue. Only the two Manchester clubs made more.

The total means that Arsenal make more money than every other London-based club. Chelsea are second, having made £335m, while Spurs are well off having made £209m.

These figures are set to grow even larger as Premier League clubs rake in more money from the current TV deal.

Chelsea and Spurs are also hoping to close the revenue gap with new stadiums. Spurs will move into their new stadium ahead of the 2018-19 season, while Chelsea have been given permission to redevelop Stamford Bridge.

Senior consultant of the Deloitte’s Sport Business Group, Adam Bull, said of the results: “The clubs that are based there are well set for growth. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham all have or will have new stadiums and a track record of success.

“The fact that it’s a great global city surely helps in attracting the best talent to London. I’m sure a player being offered the chance not only to play in the Premier League but to live in the capital will only see it as a positive.”