Alex Scott is currently away with England at the 2017 European Championships, trying to help her country to success. And she’s recently talked about how she got to this stage.

Alex has had an incredibly successful career in football, winning six league titles, seven FA Cups and the Champions League, among other trophies. She has a European silver medal and a Bronze from the World Cup in Canada, and now she’s hoping to add an international winning medal at the 2017 Championships.

Her career has ended up going about as well as she could’ve hoped, but it didn’t always look like she was going to make it. Scott joined Arsenal at the age of eight, after spending a couple of years playing football in her local cage with the boys, where she was eventually scouted.

But there was a time when she thought she’d have to leave the club for good as she told FATV. When she was 19, the Arsenal manager sat her down and told her that she was going to have to move on to Birmingham. As an Arsenal fan, this was extremely disappointing for Alex, and she described it as her “lowest moment”.

However, after a good season, and in part due to Birmingham’s financial difficulties, Alex ended up moving back to Arsenal the next year. She was then part of a side that won the league four years in a row, including one title in 2006/07, which was part of a quadruple for the Gunners.

Overall she has had a very impressive career and she’ll be hoping to add to it at the European Championships, firstly by helping the Lionesses beat Portugal tonight and set up a quarter-final meeting with France.