Arsene Wenger’s coaching team will remain unchanged after they agreed new contracts.

  • The likes of Tony Colbert, Gerry Peyton and Boro Primorac will be staying on as coaches
  • Gazidis’ “catalyst for change” line caused speculation that there could be changes
  • It appears that not much will actually be changing

If Ivan Gazidis was a politician, he’d be losing a lot of votes this summer.

While he spent the end of last season talking about a need for change at the club, this summer has shown that not a great deal will actually be changing.

The Telegraph report that Arsene Wenger’s coaching team, an area that was believed to be in dire need of a shake-up, will remain unchanged as they’ve agreed new deals.

That means the likes of Boro Primorac, Gerry Peyton and Tony Colbert, long serving members of Wenger’s backroom team, will stay on as coaches.

While Arsenal have made the off-field appointments of Darren Burgess and Huss Fahmny, it appears there’ll be no new coaches arriving this summer.

This news will disappoint fans, who believe that the coaching at Arsenal isn’t good enough, and has contributed to the club’s stagnation in the last decade.

There’s certainly an intense feeling of deja vu, as Arsenal head into pre-season in the same shape as usual.