The No New Contract movement is already making plans to be “all over” Arsene Wenger next season.

  • Anti-Wenger group organised protests and plane banners last season
  • Wenger signed new two year contract despite protests
  • Group vows to continue protests

Last season, anti-Wenger fans gathered and held protests in an attempt to pressure manager Arsene Wenger out of the club.

Their protests included marches, a billboard-carrying truck and planes flying overhead with banners during matches.

The movement got the attention of the national press and the club itself, who acknowledged the protests in a short statement but insisted that any decision on the manager’s future will be the club’s to make.

Despite this, the protests failed to gain momentum as the majority of Arsenal supporters were reluctant to actively oust a manager that has given so much to the club.

Wenger has since signed a new two year contract.

The group, though, remain determined and will continue to protest next season.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mark King, a member of the protest group, said:

“People have already started waking up to the empty rhetoric. The Cup Final was great but nothing has changed.

“It won’t take long for the frustration to return to the level it was at after the Crystal Palace game.

“Yesterday was like our Dunkirk, a bit of a defeat but we’ll take some glory from the fact we gave it a good shot. We’ll regroup and plan for next season.”

Another member of the group added: “We’re going to be all over him. We won’t stop.”

There are plans for the group to meet later this month and plan their future activities.