Theo Walcott has returned to training earlier in an effort to relcaim his starting role for next season.

UPDATE: Walcott’s people give Daily Cannon an update denying this story

  • Walcott has posted videos of himself doing core training exercises
  • He lost his spot in the Arsenal team after the formation change
  • Walcott did something similar last summer

Walcott released a number of videos on social media of himself performing various different exercises in preparation for next season, reports the Mirror.

The Arsenal team doesn’t regroup for pre-season training until early July, but Walcott has started work early for the sake of reclaiming a spot in the starting eleven.

Walcott did the same thing last summer after a disappointing season in 2015-16, and came back a sharper and more focused player. He scored 19 goals in 33 appearances last season, the second best tally in his career.

But with Arsenal switching to a back three, it seems Walcott was sacrificed for the extra defender. With Alexis and Ozil currently occupying two of the three attacking spots, it’s difficult to see where Walcott fits in.

He also had a falling out after comments made as captain after intimating that the club weren’t mentally prepared for certain games. He has a task to get back into the first-team.