Per Mertesacker has moved to clarify comments that were misinterpreted by some to mean he was getting ready to retire this summer, saying he’s ‘heading full steam’ into the new season.

  • Mertesacker gave an interview which talked about finishing his playing career at the end of the new season, but admitted he would be a ‘standby player’ for Arsenal in 17/18
  • The internet went crazy thinking he was retiring this summer
  • Per is in talks with Arsenal about staying at the club in a non-playing role at the end of his current contract next summer

Speaking at a charity match, which is being played this afternoon in aid of his foundation, Mertesacker said, “With full steam in the new season!” when he was asked if he was retiring.

The question had come about because of an interview that the BFG gave to Sport 1. There he said that he was getting ready to call it a day on his playing career, admitting that he would be a ‘stand-by’ player in the new season.

He also admitted that he was in talks with Arsenal about a non-playing role, not ruling out coaching, saying that it would be on the ‘other side’ – meaning not the playing side.

This then took on a life of his own on the internet and now, here we are, just a few hours later with Per clarifying the situation.

So he is retiring and did announce his retirement plans, but he’s not retiring just yet.


Welcome to the summer…

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