Nacho Monreal has admitted that Arsenal’s fans’ protests last season did affect the players.

  • Arsenal fans protested against way club was run last season
  • Monreal admitted players are affected by negativity
  • Understands fans want best for Arsenal

Arsenal’s poor performances in the Premier League last season led to fans’ frustration reaching an all-time high. This resulted in banners, chants, and protests over the players, the way the club’s run and, mostly, Arsene Wenger.

Monreal, who had a mixed season himself, has admitted that seeing the fans so angry did affect the players but he can understand that Gooners just want the best for their team.

“When we do not get the results, our fans, day and day also, draw banners against the coach. It is something that affects us all and is negative and subtracts the club and the staff, but we have to live with it,” the 31-year-old told El Confidencial.

“The fans, in the end, also look for the best for the team and if they think that way is because they consider that their exit is the best solution to date.

“Players have to evade this situation, focus on playing and try to grow as a team.”

While very few actually believe that fan protests do anything positive, the players, and boss, do need to take responsibility for their shortcomings last season.

Most Gooners were livid with the displays, or lack thereof, happening in front of their eyes and, for many, protesting was the only way they saw themselves being heard by the board.

Next season will be the first in two decades that Arsenal haven’t competed in the Champions League and this will impact not only players who could potentially come to the club, but those who are already there.

While the FA Cup win over Chelsea was brilliant and did somewhat salvage what was a really hard season, Arsenal need to aim higher.