At last week’s clubs’ summit, the issue of the distribution of overseas TV income was once again the main talking point.

The top six clubs of the Premier League, and the sides that get the most viewers, have once again raised questions over the distribution of money from broadcasting rights.

Manchester City and Manchester United are leading demands for a new system of allocation for the £3billion that will be generated over the next three years.

The chief executive of Manchester City, Ferran Soriano, cannot comprehend how the clubs which are the most popular abroad get the same amount of money as those who, well, aren’t.

Soriano was used to the uneven financing in La Liga while he worked for Barcelona, who in tandem with Real Madrid, get more TV money than rest of the league combined.

Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, is also demanding to get a bigger piece of the TV money pie based on his belief that Manchester United are the world’s best known football club.

Voting on the matter was delayed until September when there will be another meeting, and even with the big six demanding more money, they still lack the voting power to get it through with the league’s 14 other clubs understandably reluctant to give up their share of the money.

The general agreement at the end of this most recent meeting was that there will be some changes made. One of the proposals is to use the overseas money to increase the Premier League prize money which is based on the final league position and would therefore, again, benefit to top six more than the other 14.

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