Olympique Lyonnais could ask for Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud in exchange for Alexandre Lacazette this summer.

  • Giroud could be involved in a player plus cash deal
  • Arsenal are interested in Lacazette
  • Giroud could leave Arsenal for a starting role else where

The Telegraph report that Giroud could be involved in a player-plus-cash deal for Lacazette. Reports from France say that Lyon will be selling Lacazette this summer but would like the Arsenal centre-forward as part of the deal.

Lyon’s asking price for Lacazette is said to be around €60m. It’s unclear how much Giroud’s inclusion in any deal would reduce that fee. Such a deal might suit all parties, on paper at least.

Giroud has said he may look to leave Arsenal if he isn’t assured of being a starter next season, while Arsenal are looking to add a stellar striker. Lyon would also have a replacement sorted out right away.

However, deals like this are rarely straightforward and depend on the players involved. Giroud, who has also been attracting interest from Marseille and West Ham, has reaffirmed his desire to remain at the Emirates and wouldn’t like want to leave to join a lesser club in Lyon.