The loss of Jack Wilshere has taught Luton Town some valuable lessons.

  • Wilshere was in Luton’s academy before moving to Arsenal in 2001
  • Luton made no money off Wilshere’s move
  • They now insert various clauses to ensure they profit off of young players

Wilshere was in the Luton academy before he moved to Arsenal way back in 2001. At the time of his move, there were no clauses involved that would have seen Luton profit from Wilshere’s ascent from academy player to England international.

This also means that should Wilshere be sold this summer, Luton would make no money off the sale. The new Luton ownership learned a lesson from this, and now “negotiate the hell” out of any player contract to ensure they’re always making money off their academy products.

Luton have made money off the likes of Andre Gray after he joined Burnley. They’ve earned almost £2.5m due to various add-ons and clauses.

Speaking on the issue, Chief Executive Gary Sweet said: “Jack Wilshere is a horrible example and there’s a couple out there you’re thinking, two, two and half per cent sell on clause that the club did previously. We wouldn’t entertain anything like that here, as the sell on percentage is key to us.”

Should other clubs follow Luton’s example, Arsenal may find it harder acquire young players from the lower league on their own terms.