No matter how bad last season was, I am always looking forward to the new one and can’t wait for it to start.

1. The Premier League fixture release is the first thing to get excited about.

It’s been my custom for years now to create original designs for the fixture lists and make printables so any Gooner can track the season the old-school way – by filling in the results.

Every season I think “Nah, it’s only me who does this” and I have a little inner debate if I should make one for new season or not, then people start demanding it on Twitter.

So here they are, printables and wallpapers for the new season.

This year they are more special than ever. I decided to photograph the centre graphic myself, using my own Arsenal gear and memorabilia to create an Arsenal composition. There are matchday programmes, player cutouts, a scarf, pin badges, and two kits for two versions of the design – home and away.

As always, I recommend you print them on thick A3 or A4 paper and in colour.

Flick through using the NEXT button for each size of printable and to get to the wallpapers. All are yours to download with a simple right-click. You can say thanks on Twitter @Arsenalofka and @DailyCannon. Send us photos if you do print them out, I’d love to see them, it’s a nice motivation to do more designs next season.

2. Premier League Fixtures – A3 size (home)

Home version – Click to get full size for print
I usually put in gaps for noting down cup fixtures and the Champions League (sad face), but I decided to skip those for this season and add in something new – a graph for tracking our league position. I imagined this as putting a dot after each round in Arsenal’s after the round is finished. Connect the dots and you get a graph. I hope it will be fun and you guys like it.

3. Premier League Fixtures – A3 size (away)

Away version – Click to get full size for print

4. Premier League fixtures – A4 size (home)

Home version – Click to get full size for print

5. Premier League fixtures – A4 size (away)

Away version – Click to get full size for print

6. Premier League Fixtures – Wallpapers (home & away)

For 16:10 screens
fixtures 1718 2880
For 16:10 screens
fixtures 1718 2560
For 16:9 screens
fixtures 1718 2560 away
For 16:9 screens
fixtures 1718 tablet away
For tablets
fixtures 1718 tablet
For tablets

This is the wallpaper version is the same in design as the printables, but I dropped the empty spaces for results and tracking progress on the Premier League table, and added in the dates for the Europa League matchdays through the entire competition. I know, who cares about the Europa League, but it IS a European competition and we *might* have a chance in it so I advise you to get behind it and start caring!

There are the usual three sizes available, both in the home and away version.

Click on the image for full size, right-click to save.

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Anita is a twenty-something Gooner from Croatia who creates wallpapers for Gooners from all over the world, tweets too much, mostly about Arsenal and food, and is married to a United fan. She likes Scandinavian novels, British music, Italian food and certain French manager. She can be found on Twitter @Arsenalofka.