Arsenal unveiled their PUMA home kit for the 2017/18 season but also issues a club statement in the form of a poem that has since been mocked on social media.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the Gunners have been the subject of ridicule by a number of publications for the head-scratching statement which features lines such as: “We are THE ones who always pick the cannon when we are playing Monopoly. We are THE ones who call our uncle Arsene even if his name is John. We are THE ones riding our motorbikes with Petr Cech’s helmet.”

Arsenal rubbish press release
Arsenal’s press release was heavily ridiculed.

Arsenal’s kit launch didn’t have the most popular response from supporters, with many complaining about the lack of signings made so far this summer, while an administration error on the club’s website to buy replicate shirts saw Danny Welbeck’s name on Alexis Sanchez’s #7 shirt. The launch itself only attracted two former Gunners in Robert Pires and Martin Keown in a low-key affair.

The Arsenal PR team haven’t had the best day given their errors of judgement, but the new home kit got a better reception for sticking to traditional white sleeves.