Arsenal have increased their asking price for Wojciech Szczesny.

  • Juventus are interested in signing Szczesny
  • They had initially bid £4m
  • Arsenal have upped their asking price due to Pickford transfer

Szczesny has been heavily linked with a move away from Arsenal, with Juventus being one of the prominent destinations.

There was speculation that Arsenal would sell for around £13m, but the Daily Star reports that they’re looking for £20m.

This is apparently due to the £30m transfer of Jordan Pickford from Sunderland to Everton, a move which made him the third most expensive goalkeeper of all time.

Szczesny, who spent the last two seasons playing with Roma, is first choice for his country, has played in the Champions League and is wanted by Juventus to one day replace Gianliugi Buffon, would surely be worth something similar.

Arsenal have no reason to sell for cheap, and certainly shouldn’t accept any insulting offers from Juventus as a result.