Arsene Wenger has revealed that he doesn’t keep his winners medals.

  • Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 in the FA Cup final
  • Wenger gives winners medals away
  • Manager doesn’t dwell on results, good or bad

Wenger claims that most people would be surprised if they came to his house because he doesn’t keep any of his medals. Instead, he gives them out because there’s always ‘someone’ who didn’t get one on the big day.

“I have no medals at home from anything,” Wenger said.

“You come to my home you will be surprised. There is no trophy, no medal, nothing.

“I give them always out. There is always a guy at the club who did not get a medal, a member of staff so I have given it to him. So you are always a medal short and you will always find someone who takes it.

“I am not a back-looker. I am always forward. At home you would not even guess that I am a football manager, apart from the fact that a football game is on.

“I am not separated from football. I am completely in football. I watch the game that is on the night but I don’t look back what we have won, what we have done and all that, what we have lost.

“I have memories of the human beings, human experiences. That is more shared emotions and things like that.”

Wenger not keeping his medals doesn’t surprise me at all. He appears to be the type of person who loves the feeling of winning. He doesn’t bask in it for too long because he’s always looking ahead to his next opportunity to feel that elation again.

I supposed it’s a healthy way of looking at it. That way, he doesn’t have to dwell on the loses either.

People will obviously argue that Wenger ‘doesn’t like to win’ since Arsenal haven’t won a title in over a decade, and finished in fifth in the Premier League this season. However, despite all the odds being stacked against him, he led the Gunners to a 2-1 13th FA Cup win over Chelsea.

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