Arsene Wenger has admitted that he’s not like other football bosses who only want to manager their team.

  • Wenger against Director of Football at Arsenal
  • Not like other coaches who ‘just manage the team and are happy’
  • Claims manager may not be football specialist in future

One of the reasons that Wenger appears t believe that Arsenal don’t need a Director of Football who manages transfers and oversees footballing matters behind the scenes is because he does it everything.

Unlike most clubs, who will have separate people in different roles in order to optimise productivity and minimise the stress on one individual, Wenger just piles it all on his plate.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s trip to St. Mary’s tonight (Wednesday), the Frenchman admitted that, in the future, all footballing matters might be worked out at the click of a button on a computer and, at this rate, managers won’t even be football specialists because they’ll have all the answers handed to them.

“Some coaches are only interested in managing the team and are happy with it,” he said.

“I am not like that and cannot change now. I can change by trying to get better.

“I have 40 years at the top, top level. I think I have a good knowledge of the game. Progression or regression? Changes can go both ways.

“Maybe the time will come where the manager will not be a football specialist any more.

“Instead, he will have enough computers around him to analyse the game and, straight away, he pushes on the button. Then after the game the team comes out for the next game.

“The supporters will have a word to say to make a change at half-time on the internet. It might come.”

It’s comments like these that result in Wenger getting labelled as a control freak.

On one hand, it would be good for Wenger if he had someone to lighten the load.

However, on the other, it’s all the manager has known.