The Spanish press really aren’t holding back on their criticism of Tony Adams’ month-and-a-bit in charge of La Liga club Granada, who’ve now been relegated.

  • Tony is yet to win a game with Granada
  • If he loses next match, he sets record for most consecutive wins
  • Adams was brought in to help find new manager
  • Spanish press sees Adams as delirious

In a piece by Carlos Carino on AS‘ website, the journalist reviews Granada’s horrific season, slating the vast (19) combination of nationalities in one team, four separate coaches and 23 new signings without anything to show for it.

“Demented planning based on glamor and arrogance,” Carino writes.

The journalist then goes on to slate Tony Adams, who recently took over as first team manager despite only temporarily being flown out by the club’s owner to help find a new one himself.

Carino continued, “Such an absurdity was capped by an inconceivable period of scholarship with Tony Adams playing coach and counting by defeats and press conferences blaming everyone but him so delirious stage.”

Carino believes that the former Arsenal captain is delirious, doesn’t take any responsibility for himself, and is supposed to be there to help find someone new, not to take over himself.

Adams was given the role by John Jiang, the Chinese owner of the club, who also owns Chongqing Lifan, whose academy Adams had been head coach of since last summer.

Presumably, given the negative attention, Adams won’t remain at Granada past this summer… surely?