Tony Adams has revealed in his new autobiography, Sober, that Arsene Wenger changed the time of Arsenal’s training sessions to suit Ian Wright, which angered everyone else in the process.

  • Adams’ new book is being serialised in the S*n
  • Players told Wright to sort himself out after being late for training
  • Wenger pushed training sessions back to later in the day

According to Adams, Wenger made Arsenal’s training sessions later because Wright had to travel from Croydon and the Frenchman didn’t like confrontation.

“He never has liked confrontation,” the ex-centreback said in his new book, Sober: Football. My Story. My Life., which is released 1 June.

“I recall a time when Ian Wright was coming from Croydon and getting in late for training most days.

“Arsene simply made training later but the boys were fuming.

“We as players then told Wrighty to get his act together. It was the big players who policed the group rather than Arsène.”

This isn’t the first time that Wenger’s desire to avoid confrontation where possible has been brought up. However, I’m not sure how much the boss moving the times of the sessions was down to simply not wanting to fight with people.

For example, it could have been about keeping Arsenal’s star striker happy, or perhaps stamping his authority on a group of experienced players who Adams admits were led by strong individuals, not the coach.