Former Arsenal defender, Mikael Silvestre, reckons that Arsene Wenger won’t resign because the club is in his blood.

  • Silvestre signed for Arsenal from Manchester United in 2008
  • Claims that Wenger is too stubborn to resign
  • Says Arsenal is in Wenger’s blood

With Arsenal set to potentially finish the season outside the top four for the first time in two decades, questions over Wenger’s future at the club have understandably been raised, especially considering the fact that his contract runs out this summer.

Silvestre, who played under the Frenchman for two years, believes that the manager won’t resign because he’s too stubborn and the club is in his blood.

“I think he will stay, especially if it goes well until the end of the season,” the 39-year-old told talkSPORT.

“The push for the top four and the FA Cup final to play as well.

“I think he will stay because he is stubborn and he wants to succeed, Arsenal is in his blood so he’s not going to let it go so easily.”

While obviously I don’t know Wenger personally, from the outside, it does seem as if he’s desperately holding onto something he should probably let go of.

The fact that he’s still not announced his decision is a little odd.