Forget Arsene Wenger’s future, whether Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are staying, and Alisher Usmanov’s potential takeover, we have more pressing matters at hand: have Arsenal stolen Reading FC’s anthem?

  • Arsenal played Reading’s anthem after FA Cup win
  • Several countries and clubs use ‘Sweet Caroline’ as unofficial anthem
  • Gunners used tune a few times this season

Reading have been playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond regularly for a while. However, after Arsenal played it while lifting their 13th FA Cup trophy after beating Chelsea on Saturday, tongues have (sort of) been wagging over whether the Gunners have heartlessly snatched the Royals’ tune.

Apparently, there’s no policy in place for post-match music so, thank goodness, no rules have been broken.

To be fair, clubs steal other clubs’ songs all the time. It’s hardly the most pressing issue in the game right now and I highly doubt Reading fans really care that much.

Not that I have any idea what relevance the song has to Arsenal OR Reading for that matter considering that Neil Diamond was from New York and ‘Sweet Caroline’ is a Boston Red Sox anthem.

Although feel free to correct me if I’m missing something…