Danny Welbeck’s assist for Hector Bellerin’s goal against Everton was probably one of the best in football history.

What Welbz managed to cunningly do, is look as if he was trying to score himself, but, realising that the open goal in front of him was too easy a target, knocked the ball back to Bellerin, who slotted it home.


The striker also managed a second assist for Alexis Sanchez’s goal, although that one was slightly less exciting.

The England international continued to get in the right spaces and had plenty of chances against the Toffees during Arsenal’s 3-1 win. However, he just didn’t have his shooting boots on and out of the four shots he attempted, only two were on target.

Saying this, he did successfully create the most chances: two.

While Mesut Ozil attempted three, only one resulted in a goal.

If Welbz can keep the injuries at bay and hone his shooting a little more, he could be fantastic for Arsenal next season.

Since returning from injury in January, he’s scored five and assisted four in all competitions.

Considering he’s only played 1,016 minutes overall, which works out as around 11.3 full 90-minute matches, he’s contributing to a goal every 112.9 minutes.