Liverpool pundit, Phil Thompson, has called on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to leave Arsenal lest he becomes like Theo Walcott.

Showing absolutely zero knowledge about the Ox and what has been happening to him while he has been at Arsenal, Thompson commented that the Ox has been ‘out of the side for how many years, now?’ without making any mention of the fact that this was because HE WAS INJURED.

When the Ox is fit, the Ox generally plays. The problem is, he just hasn’t been fit that much.

“This is a boy who has been out of the side for I don’t know how many years,” Thompson yammered on Sky Sports.

“He’s never going to hold down a regular place there. Does he want to be like Walcott?

“Just a bit-part player, hoping to a few games on the run because they’re playing three at the back. I doubt it.

“It’s been too long and he keeps on signing new contracts and we keep getting the same old, same old.”

The Ox has suffered three injuries this season alone, three last season, and three the season before. In total, he has missed 72 games over three seasons because of injury.

As I mentioned, when he’s fit enough to play, he plays.

The Ox has been heavily linked with Liverpool and it’s clear that Thompson would like to see him move there. Why else just talk out his arse like this? Plus, he also says as much.

The Ox has featured in 44 games for Arsenal this season, 11 more than last season, 7 more than 14/15, and more than double the number he played in 13/14.

Of those 44, 26 were starts.

As for ‘never going to hold down a regular place there,’ until his latest injury, the Ox had started four of the last five Premier League games and 8 out of the last 13, with an injury ruling him our of one of those.

In contrast, Walcott has played just 15 minutes in the last four games.

“I would (want the Ox),” he continued.

“I’m saying, at Arsenal he’s been there a lot of years now and he’s not playing on a regular basis. 

“That’s the problem, he’s not fitting. There’s a spot at Liverpool or at other top clubs, I’m not just saying Liverpool, this boy has the ability to play.”

Not fitting, you say? Are you sure you’re talking about the same player who has shone since Arsenal moved to three at the back, because it sure doesn’t sound like it.