Ray Parlour wants Arsenal to ‘go big’ with their wages, urging them to pay up to £250,000pw for Alexis Sanchez and Mest Ozil.

Alexis has been heavily linked with a move from Arsenal this summer and his wage demands have ranged from £250k per week to over £450k depending on where you do your reading.

Parlour wants to see Arsenal pay what they need to to keep the Chilean at the club.

“Arsenal are going to have to go big,” Parlour said, as quoted on Alan Brazil’s personal Twitter account.

“They’re going to have to go to £250,000 a week which the board are probably not going to like to do. But this is what you’ve got to do to keep Sanchez. Sign them up, pay the money.

“Sanchez is so important and you saw that on the weekend. If you are going to replace Sanchez, with his quality, you’re going to have to spend £50million plus.

“Then, they want £200,000 a week because that is the going rate of everyone at other clubs.”

Parlour also wants to see Arsenal spend the same sort of money to keep Mesut Ozil at the club.

The pair were in sparkling form against Stoke on Saturday, and it’s interesting to see how many pundits now think Ozil is worth keeping because they saw him play well this weekend.

All the other performances he puts in, which they chose to ignore because he doesn’t get on the scoresheet, don’t even seem to come into their thinking.