Arsenal Ladies have signed the Dutch forward Vivianne Miedema from FC Bayern Munchen and once again, we have to wonder why the club is piling up players again in certain positions.

Funnily enough, I remember her seeing her playing against England back in February 2011 and on the day lining up for England u15 were her future team-mates Carla Humphrey, Chloe Kelly and England captain Leah Williamson.

There is the no doubt that the Dutch forward is top class and likely to become world class as her goalscoring record can attest. But there is the lingering feeling that it is another forward added to the already more than well equipped position in the squad.

Let’s list those forwards if we consider that Arsenal plays in 4-3-3 and therefore actually have four spots available per game. Little, Humphrey, Van De Donk, Carter, Kelly, McCabe, Taylor, Mead, O’Reilly and then Mediema.

The players with the least playing time in that list during the Spring Series will surely be on their way out soon, as they will have even less playing time now. I really don’t think the team need to double up every attacking position in the squad, especially as most of the players are versatile enough to be playing in all four positions.

For example, Little can play at 10 and 9, Van De Donk can do 7,9, 10 and 11.  Carter, Kelly 7,9 and 11 O’Reilly and Humphrey can do 7,10 and 11. McCabe can do 7 and 11 as well as covering in the number 3 position if needed.

The only two specialist players,  who are less flexible are Taylor and Mead who are both pure 9.  You really expect Mediema to compete with these two players and therefore have three players for one in the centre forward position.

Unless there is a lot of rotation like last season or if one or two players leave during the transfer window, it will be a complex situation to manage for Pedro Losa next season. We know what happened in 2016 and squad rotation was clearly not a success.

Hopefully she will be a success at Arsenal and score many goals, but squad management will need to be on point for the season 2017/18 to avoid any problem inside the team.