Mesut Ozil claims that he doesn’t care what other people think of him, as long as he has Arsene Wenger’s backing.

  • Ozil’s come under heavy fire this season for his ‘poor form’
  • Playmaker claims he avoids other people’s opinion – only listens to Arsene Wenger
  • Scored 11 and assisted 11 (all comps) this season

Ozil has come under fire numerous times for not pulling his weight since signing for Arsenal in 2013; his body language often makes him appear lazy and as if he doesn’t care, despite the playmaker often running more than most.

This season, criticism of the German has reached an all-time high, with former Gunner Martin Keown even claiming that he’s playing like he wants to leave.

However, Ozil insists that he tries not to let other people’s opinions affect him.

The only person’s opinion he cares about is Wenger’s.

“The expectations are always high, which I guess is normally a positive, you could say,” the28-year-old told Sky Sports News HQ.

“But I know what I can do and it doesn’t affect me really. I’ve played for Real Madrid, I’ve played for Germany and I’ve had praise and criticism throughout my career and it’s only made me stronger.

“For me what’s most important, as I’ve always said, is the manager’s opinion because when it comes from him you know it’s the truth, be it positive or be it negative.

“There’s some people that like me and some people that don’t, but I give no worth to those opinions, really.

“They can have them, but I know what I can do. My stats show that I do give my all and I give my best.”

In an age where social media practically runs the world and other people’s often unwanted opinions are constantly thrust in your face, it’s probably easier said than done for Ozil to avoid some of the venom that’s spat his way.

However, if his boss is happy, then he should be too.