Many believe that Ivan Gazidis has been briefing the press again following Arsene Wenger’s anti-Director of Football comments.

  • Gazidis has been at Arsenal since 2009
  • Fans believe he routinely briefs press to garner support for board
  • Chief wants new Director of Football – Wenger doesn’t
  • Wenger to be forced to accept ‘radical changes’ over summer if he stays
  • Dick Law claims board supports Wenger

According to Gooners, the Arsenal chief has a history of ‘secretly’ leaking stories to the press.

An alleged Gazidis ‘leak’ is pretty easy to notice. The stories mainly put massive amounts of pressure on Arsene Wenger while attempting to drum up support for the board.

Back in mid-April, just days after the Gunners lost 3-0 to Crystal Palace, a piece published on the Mirror’s website spoke of Arsenal’s £200m+ warchest and summer revamp. This was a story that’s been churned out year-after-year every time the going gets tough. It’s designed to placate fans and reassure them that the club wants to change, although it rarely does.

The latest supposed Gazidis ‘leak’ comes right after Arsene Wenger publicly denied knowing anything about Arsenal appointing a Director of Football over the summer.

Arsenal haven’t had one before and they’ve been widely reported to be looking for one to oversee footballing affairs next season, which the manager doesn’t seem to want.

“Some coaches are only interested in managing the team, and they are happy with it. I am not like that and I cannot change myself now,” Wenger said ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Southampton.

“I can change how I try to get better but I have 40 years of experience at the top, top level, you know. I have a good knowledge of the game.

“I don’t know what director of football means. Is it somebody who stands in the road and directs play right and left?

“I don’t understand and I never did understand what it means. Sorry, no.

“I’m the manager of Arsenal Football Club and as long as I’m manager of Arsenal Football Club, I will decide what happens on the technical front. That’s it.”

Oddly enough, according to the Daily Star, Gazidis DOES want a Director of Football.

“Gazidis wants to make sweeping changes this summer which include hiring a director of football – and has already sounded out candidates for the role,” says the Star.

ESPN are also claiming that Wenger will be forced to accept the ‘radical overhaul’ that Gazidis wants to bring about, saying, “Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick and chief executive Ivan Gazidis have embarked on a project that is looking towards a future after Wenger’s departure as they aim to put together a new structure for the club.”

So, if this is a ‘leak’, someone really wants us to know that Gazidis is all for changing up the club and wants everyone to know it…

This also comes just after Dick Law, who’s over in Brazil at the moment, claimed that the board strongly supports Wenger.


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