Jose Mourinho has shocked Arsenal fans everywhere by actually saying something moderately nice about their club.

  • Arsenal win was Wenger’s first over Jose in Premier League
  • Mourinho describes Wenger’s record against him as ‘not normal’
  • Jose says Arsenal are ‘big’, ‘amazing’ club

Following the Gunners’ 2-0 win over Manchester United in the Premier League on Sunday, Mourinho described Arsenal as an ‘amazing club’, which was oddly unsettling.

However, Mourinho being Mourinho, he also had to get a little dig in at the same time.

“Finally I leave this stadium with Arsenal fans happy,” the ex-Chelsea manager said.

“Arsenal fans are happy and I am happy for them. It is the first time I leave here and they are happy. And I am happy because they are an amazing club.

“I leave Highbury and they were crying. I leave the Emirates and they were crying, walking in the streets with heads low. Today they leave waving their scarves.

“Arsenal is a big club. You think I enjoy a big club like Arsenal not winning trophies? I don’t enjoy it. But today I tried to win.

“Arsene Wenger is not a small manager, he’s a big manager, to have that record of winning so many matches [against him] is not normal. Normal is win, lose, draw. I really don’t care about it today.

“We had no problems. We shook hands before the game and after the game, and during the game I don’t like what I never like, he puts too much pressure on the fourth official. Every time.”

Arsene Wenger and Mourinho put aside their differences – at least publicly for the time being – ahead of the match by shaking hands, an act that seems to attract more attention that the match itself.

However, I highly doubt the two are going to be sitting down for a glass of wine together any time soon.