When Francis Coquelin was brought on for goalscorer (sort of) Granit Xhaka in the 76th minute against Manchester United, Arsenal fans everywhere let out a collective groan.

  • Coq has been dropped recently
  • Came on for Xhaka in 76th minute
  • Attempted bizarre block for Rooney shot

Coquelin has been benched since Arsene Wenger finally realised that he’s a huge liability.

If Arsenal were going to mess this up, despite being 2-0 up with around 15 minutes to go, it would be while Coq was on the pitch.

The 25-year-old was summed up just minutes after he set foot on the pitch when he attempted to throw himself in the way of a Wayne Rooney shot.

The Frenchman flailed all his limbs, star-fishing in midair, before falling to the ground.



Thankfully, Coq didn’t do anything else stupid and Arsenal kept their clean sheet in tact.