David Moyes has managed to get himself all worked up over Arsene Wenger’s recent comments regarding teams outside of the top six giving up by this stage of the season.

  • Arsenal beat Sunderland 2-0 on Tuesday thanks to an Alexis Sanchez brace
  • Wenger recently claimed teams outside top six had already ‘gone on holiday’
  • Moyes says Wenger’s comments are an ‘insult to footballers’

Wenger recently claimed that teams outside of the top six appear to have already gone on holiday and given up on the season, seeing as they have nothing left to really play for.

His comments came the day after West Ham lost 4-0 to Liverpool, denting Arsenal’s chances of finishing in the top four this season further.

“Some teams turn up, some teams are on holiday,” he said.

“We had to fight very hard at Stoke and Southampton, but some teams once they are safe have a breather which didn’t happen 10 years ago. The league has changed mentally. Morally it has changed a lot.

“If we don’t have the results, I’m very disappointed but what is not excusable is not to give your best.”

Moyes, whose Sunderland side have been relegated to the Championship, vehemently disagrees. In fact, he’s got himself in quite a tizzy.

“That’s an insult to footballers. Teams have too much pride, the players have too much pride,” the former Everton and Manchester United manager blasted.

“I’ve been a player myself and I would hate anybody questioning me and saying I wasn’t going to be playing and was going to chuck it.

“That would probably get my goat up more than anything.

“When you are brought up in this country you are brought up to show that every game matters and whatever team you support, you play for the jersey. You would hope that every player would do that.

“I think you would say today that Sunderland gave it a go, tried to score at times, but were outclassed in the end by a better football team than we were.”

The Black Cats managed to go 71 minutes without conceding at the Emirates on Tuesday night. However, this was mainly down to the brilliance of Jordan Pickford, who made a total of 11 saves over the course of the match.