Hector Bellerin has confirmed that he will be staying at Arsenal, despite apparent interest from his former club Barcelona, as well as Manchester City.

Bellerin only signed a new contract with Arsenal at the end of 2016 and considering it allegedly runs until 2023, not many people bought into the rumours that the 22-year-old could be heading back to Spain any time soon.

Barcelona, however, have continued to be linked with the defender, who is currently finding his spark again as wing-back in Arsene Wenger’s new formation, and have been said to be pursuing him once the season’s over.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Mail, the young Spaniard confirmed that Arsenal is his club, he’s staying, and he loves London.

“I signed my contract for a reason. I signed it because I wanted to be here. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise,” said Bellerin.

“Arsenal is the club that gave me the chance to be a professional and since the first time I met with the boss he’s always said if I progressed the right way I could be an Arsenal player for a long time.

“I’ve been here nearly six years and I love London. I’m still discovering the city.

“The other day, I was out in the car in east London thinking I’d never been there before. That’s what I like about the city.”

While this isn’t exactly news, it’s nice for Arsenal fans to hear considering how unstable and uncertain everything surrounding our club currently seems.