Arsene Wenger has said that he expects an ‘open game’ when Arsenal venture up the Seven Sisters Road to face Tottenham on Sunday.

“I expect an open match, a committed match, a match with high pace,” Wenger told reporters. “There could be goals because both teams play positive football, try to go forward and play in an offensive way. Normally that finishes with goals if you look at the quality of players on both sides.”

If these are to be Arsenal goals, then our forwards are certainly going to have to sharpen their game. Unlike Arsenal, Spurs have built their season around a stable and solid defence and they have only conceded 22 goals all season compared to Arsenal’s 40.

Only eight of those 22 have been conceded at White Hart Lane and Arsenal have scored exactly 50% of their 64 goals this season away from home.

At the other end, Spurs have netted 43 at home while Arsenal have conceded 25 – more than Tottenham have let in home and away. If there are to be goals in this game, it seems as if they might only be coming from one side.

“Yes, it’s certainly one of the few times where, if you look at people’s opinions, Spurs are favourites,” Wenger added. “I focus on Arsenal. What will happen to Spurs, it’s not to me to comment about that.

“I have to focus on what we can do and how well we can finish the season. We have big Premier League games, we have an FA Cup final to prepare for, so we have to focus absolutely on us and not expect any weakness from our opponents.”

Can they expect any weakness from us is the real question…