Arsene Wenger said after Arsenal’s latest embarrassment that he understands the fans’ disappointment because they all feel it too, in the latest round of ‘let’s tell the fans what we think they want to hear.’

  • Arsenal were 3 points behind Chelsea on 11th December, now 21 behind
  • Surprisingly, Gunners only 1 point worse off than last season
  • Arsenal have won only 1 of the last 38 games in which they were trailing at half-time 

Given that the players, especially, could have done something to stop yet another ‘disappointment’ its’ hard to think that many of them do feel the fan’s disappointment too.

Sure, footballer’s want to win games, but do they feel this sort of defeat the way an Arsenal fan does? I don’t think so. Watching them attempt to play football at Crystal Palace on Monday night, they didn’t seem to care about anything.

“I want the fans to support the team,” Wenger said.

“I think they are extremely disappointed and I can understand that because we all are. It is understandable that they are disappointed.

“We played with a desire to win the game tonight, with a very offensive team because we knew we had to score goals.

“We knew what we would face. Their keeper took their free-kicks on the halfway line, so it was important for us to win the ball in the air, win the second balls, get the ball down and then play our game. From the start onwards, in the decisive moments of the game, they were sharper.

If what we saw on Monday night was any sort of ‘desire’ then I need a new dictionary.

This morning as I got up, I tried to explain to my girlfriend why nobody will care about anything I write today. It’s like being a weatherman, I said. Except every day it just rains. Rain, rain, rain, rain. After six years of rain all the time, nobody cares about the weather, nobody wants to hear what the weatherman has to say.

Nobody cares.

She didn’t really care either.

But here we are.