Wojciech Szczesny says that there has been no decision over his future but that he is happy with Roma.

Wojciech Szczesny kept his 13th league clean sheet of the season as Roma beat Empoli 2-0 on Saturday. Speaking after the game, the goalkeeper said, “It was an important game, the important thing is winning, and now we have to continue like this. 

“The future? I do not know, I have to get ready for Tuesday. 

“This is my future, then we’ll see what happens in June, but I’m happy here and work for the team.”

Zbigniew Boniek, Polish FA President, told Sound Sports Centre recently, “I went to dinner with Szczesny and he says that he would like to remain with Roma.

“If Wenger remains, I do not think he will return to London and more, he has a contract expiring in 2019 with the Gunners.

“At this point there are two possibilities: Arsenal bring him back or fix a figure.

“It is safe, however, 100% that he would like to remain in the capital.

“Spalletti? [Roma manager] [I think he] thinks he needs to stay in Rome, but he did not propose a three-year [deal] and knowing him, I think he also likes a contract shorter.”

However, Szczesny has denied this. “Boniek speaks about a lot of things, including a dinner that never happened, so I don’t know what to say about Boniek’s comments.”

Petr Cech looks half the keeper we all know and love. David Ospina never even was half a keeper. He wants to leave anyway. He wanted to go last summer but was persuaded to stay with the promise of cup and Champions League football.

Speaking in February, Szczesny told Przeglądu Sportowego, “I concentrate on playing well, not reading newspapers.

But actually, this season more my attitude on the pitch is good. Poor – very rare. I’m glad, but the end of the season is a couple of months away and I’m going to not only maintain the current spirit, but even improve it.

“With good performances, people are more interested in what I do on the pitch. They stopped focussing on what’s around me. I am first and foremost footballer, I always wanted that and I would just seen me [?]. 

“I have peace and privacy, which I deeply appreciate.

“I believe that my character in the last rounds of Serie A will be appropriate, that the summer will allow me to choose a club where I will be number one.”

Common sense would dictate that we bring him back and return his number one shirt. Common sense, however, has no place in football.