Tottenham fans and pundits have been saying that this would be ‘their year’ for as long as anyone can remember but it looks as if, with Arsenal in full-blown crisis mode, this could actually be the one.

Yes, this season Tottenham are likely to finish above Arsenal in the Premier League, and the ‘power shift’ headlines are already being written.

Arsenal are having, if you believe all you read, their worst ever season under Arsene Wenger. Tottenham, in turn, are having one of their best in the club’s history. That’s what’s been needed for them to climb above Arsenal and actually look like they could stay there for a change.

Before this season, Arsenal finished above Tottenham for 21 seasons in a row. A solitary digit in the Spurs column represents less a power shift and more a plucky amateur landing a lucky punch on a fatigued professional.

If this was a football match and Arsenal were 21 goals up, you’d hardly think Spurs netting one meant anything other than they’d manged a consolation. Then again, if that were the case, we’d probably have to spend the rest of the match listening to the pundits tell us how the ‘come back is on’.

But finishing above Arsenal is all they are going to do.

They aren’t going to win the league and will continue to be one of the top sides that have never won the Premier League. Ever.

Even if you go back to before Sky Sports invented football, Spurs have still only managed two league titles in their entire history. Two, you might remember, is the same number of titles Arsenal have won at White Hart Lane.

Away from the Lane, Arsenal won another 11.

That’s 11 titles Spurs need just to catch up with Arsenal.

Speak to me in a decade.

If, in that time, Spurs finish above Arsenal in all 10 of those seasons and manage to win at least four titles, then I’ll entertain your notion about ‘power shifts’.

Until then, sit down, shut up, and take a good look at yourself.

You’re embarrassing.