Marc Overmars has confirmed that he’s open to returning to Arsenal in the future but also pointed out that he’s just signed a new contract with Ajax.

  • Overmars became DoF at Ajax in 2012
  • He just signed new contract
  • Arsenal ‘might’ be future option but Wenger says he knows nothing about it

The former Gunner is Ajax’s Director of Football and has been linked with the same role in north London.

Arsenal have never had a Director of Football before and it would be a huge step; appointing someone familiar with the club wouldn’t just be beneficial for the job itself but also for fan morale.

Overmars has confirmed that he’d welcome a return to Arsenal in the future and understands that he is on the list of candidates but he’s just signed a new contact with Ajax.

“I know the club pretty well and I have always kept in touch with Arsenal,” the ex-winger said.

“As a player I had the ambition to play in Europe [outside the Netherlands].

“It might be an option in the future. I think there is a list with names, and I’m on it.

“It’s not strange since I’ve had a good time at Arsenal. But I’ve just signed a new contract at Ajax.”

Arsene Wenger seemed a little more taken aback by the potential job opening at the club when asked quizzed on it during his pre-Middlesbrough press conference on Friday morning. He simply said that he wasn’t aware of the link with the Dutchman but added, “I like Marc Overmars. I’m sure there’s plenty of candidates to take care of Arsenal Football Club, I’m not worried about that.

“We take a lot of time in our society to look at the superficial and forget the essential. The essential is making sure there are good players on the football pitch.”

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