Arsenal had the chance to sign Christian Eriksen for £11.5m but instead opted to go with Joel Campbell, Gervinho, Park Chu-Young and Thomas Eisfeld.

  • Arsenal tracked Eriksen at the u21 Euros when he was 19
  • Now 25, Eriksen moved to Tottenham in 2013
  • Campbell, 24, was signed in 2011 when they were scouting Eriksen
  • Gervinho also arrived that summer for £10.6m

arsenal eriksen 2011

Arsenal were scouting Eriksen when he was at Ajax but clearly decided to move on to other targets, although Eriksen is not one of the countless players Arsene Wenger has admitted to ‘knowing about’.

When Eriksen finally moved to Spurs in 2013, Arsenal spent that summer buying Mesut Ozil.

Since the two arrived in London, Eriksen has 42 goals and 51 asissts. Mesut, on the other hand, has 29 and 52. Plus two trophies.