Despite their terrible on-field performances, an Arsenal share sold this week for a record price, just weeks after the record was broken for the first time in five years.

According to Angry of Islington, an Arsenal share traded for £18,250. The previous record had been set at £17,750 at the end of March, a £250 rise on the previous record price set in the autumn of 2012.

It’s hard to glean much information from the sale of a single share. As AoI notes, this nominally values the club at £1.135billion, but, of course, all of the shares would not trade at this price.

For anyone hoping that Arsenal’s form might force a drop in value off the pitch, therefore prompting Stan Kroenke to take some sort of action, it seems as if you’re set to be disappointed further.

As long as the price of the club holds/or grows, Kroenke has no incentive to change anything.