A look at the top pictures from the world of football this weekend, including Arsenal’s win at Wembley, Spurs’ FA Cup semi-final loss, Hector Bellerin’s new ‘do a special Wembley gallery of Arsenal images.


9. No, Hector. Just no

Hector Bellerin decided to be the world’s biggest troll this week.

The right-back has come under heavy criticism for his frankly bizarre hairstyle and during training he decided to make it even worse by adding braids.

It’s no coincidence that the Spaniard was left out of the starting lineup against Manchester City on Sunday. Although he came on in extra time and was decent so maybe this hairstyle works?

8. Happy Hull

7. Did he die?

6. Hammers fan blowing bubbles

5. Happyhandski

4. Once a Gunner…

3. It’s your fault, dad

2. Lloris doing his Harry Kane impression

1. What else could top the list but Arsenal’s win at Wembley?