Arsene Wenger, rather randomly, was talking on talkSPORT this weekend and he doesn’t seem to be that bothered about the fan protests taking place outside the stadium.

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With the same people who organised the protests before the Bayern Munich and Lincoln games seemingly involved with an embarrassing protest involving a plane for West Brom, Wenger highlighted that it is only a small minority who seem to be getting all the coverage.

“Look, I serve this club with commitment and I think integrity and loyalty as long as I am here,” Wenger said. “It is a shame that I cannot keep everybody happy. I think we are now in the semi-final again in the FA Cup.

“If you count how many times we’ve been in there with the club, it’s not too bad.”

He was then asked if he would want Spurs in the draw that takes place tonight after Chelsea v Manchester United. “I just want the draw. There’s no like or not like, you have to accept the draw and that’s what we will do.”

He was then asked about the protests and if winning a trophy this year would shut them up. “I accept all that. I think in life you can only do one thing is to give your best. Accept the judgement of people.

“I’ve always done that in my whole life, I am not afraid of that. I can go back everywhere I worked because I worked always with the same commitment and that’s what I will do until the last day I’m here. Apart from that personally I prefer to have everybody happy.

“When you have 60,000 in the stadium and 100 are not happy, people speak only about the 100, you know, so you have to take that a little bit with the perspective.”

You can hear it all for yourself in the player below, he sounds a lot less tetchy than it comes across when his comments are written out: