With reports in the media that Arsenal players will lose millions if they fail to qualify for the Champions League, Arsene Wenger took a minute at his press conference to explain how bonuses work for those who might be uncertain.

“We keep our rules of contracts internal,” Wenger said when asked about top four bonuses. “We don’t have absolutely to say. There’s always bonuses yes, for achievements.

“When you pay bonuses, it means if you don’t achieve, you don’t get the bonuses.”

There is no story here.

Every club plays their players bonuses – from appearance to goalscoring, trophies and titles.

Arsenal players losing millions in bonuses this year if the club fail to qualify for the Champions League would be no more or less than they would have lost last year (unless they’ve agreed a new contract between then and now).

It is just another case of some in the media making a story out of nothing.

What would be a story, however, is if the players weren’t on bonuses at all. Then you’d be telling people things they don’t already know instead of dressing this stuff up with HEADLINES!