Former Arsenal and Chelsea player Paul Merson has been deciding how the Gunners need to spend their money.

The pundit, who appears to have no concept of money or how businesses are run, reckons Arsenal need to buy Antoine Griezmann, as well as about 700 other players, which he openly admits would set the club back around £200m.

“I’d buy Antoine Griezmann, he’s world class,” Merson said. “They need a goalkeeper, a top central-defender, a central-midfielder and a quality centre-forward.

“Arsenal don’t have a spine in them at all. They need about five or six players, which is about £200m in this day and age.”

Anyone can reel off a shopping list of stars that would improve any team. The issue is, Arsenal don’t have a bottomless bank account. On top of improving by adding quality, they need to keep hold of their existing players, which, in modern football, tend to demand higher wages.

What’s more is that certain players may not magically improve the team. Some problems lie deeper than just sticking world class bodies out on the pitch and hoping for the best.

While Arsenal’s need to improve and lack of spine is undeniable, just throwing money at the problem isn’t going to help.