Sam Mokbel is back in the Daily Mail with yet another EXCLUSIVE, this time claiming that Arsenal will tell Alexis that he can’t join a Premier League club this summer.

Mokbel has had a number of EXCLUSIVES over recent weeks, all on Arsenal, so it’s clear he has somebody at the club who is passing him information. Well, tidbits at least.

There isn’t much information in Mokbel’s piece, and it all alludes to something that hasn’t even happened yet – they *will* tell him, not they already have. I’m always naturally wary of articles that claim to know what Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will do about any given situation, especially when it involves players at the club.

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This is the entire Mokbel article on the back page of today’s Daily Mail

If true (and common sense says it probably is), it’s no surprise. [cont below]

Fans are going to be annoyed when Alexis leaves, allowing him to join a Chelsea or Manchester City would be rage-inducing, especially after what happened with Robin van Persie. Back then, the Dutch skunk held Arsenal over a barrel to force through his move to United. There’s no hint that Aexis is doing anything like that, plus Juventus seems to be the club of choice so a rival in England isn’t likely to be an issue.