Former Gunner, Lee Dixon, now believes that Arsene Wenger knows it’s time to leave Arsenal after being beaten by Bayern Munich 5-1 on Wednesday night.

It was hard to watch Wenger’s post-match interview following the defeat. Although we’ve had rough patches over the years, something’s different this time and everyone can feel it, including former players who worked with him.

Speaking to ITV after the clash, Dixon admitted that seeing the boss like this is sad and that he reckons the Wenger thinks it’s time to go.

“It saddens me to see him like that, I know what a winner he is. I think he realises, he seems so low. This team is getting no response from him. I’ve never seen him like that before,” he said.

“It’s so obvious that they fight for so long and then they lose inspiration. He owes it to himself to change that. It is he who will pull the rug from under his own turf. I think he thinks it’s time (to go).”

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal contract runs out at the end of the season and while it’s always been widely believed that the club are willing to offer him a new deal, it’s looking less and less likely that he’s going to accept.

As strongly as I do believe Arsenal need change and that Wenger leaving is probably the only way to do it, I still love the man and respect him immensely. Like most Gooners, I wanted him to go out on a high, not like this.