Arsenal’s 5-1 loss away to Bayern Munich probably wasn’t David Ospina’s finest 90 minutes yet he didn’t actually have too bad a game compared to the rest of the team.

Although many would have laughed at the idea of Dave being started over Petr Cech in such a huge game, the Colombian was solid during the Champions League group stages and Cech has been rather underwhelming in the League this season. Therefore, Arsene Wenger picking Dave was understandable.

Despite shipping five, Dave wasn’t at fault. It’s easy to blame him but our defense was shocking and, at times, completely missing, particularly after Laurent Koscielny was subbed off for Gabriel through injury.

In total, Dave made six saves, one of which was from point-blank range from Javi Martinez, and ensured the score wasn’t even more embarrassing.

However, there were some odd moments. Like when our goalkeeper decided to run after Robert Lewandowski looking as if he was attempting to scoop the ball out from under the Bayern star’s feet, leaving our goal completely open.

What’s telling is the fact that he had 45 touches – the same amount us Mesut Ozil – compared to Manuel Neuer’s 32. Our goalkeeper had the same amount of touches as our playmaker.

This wasn’t down to Dave though. In fact, he was probably one of Arsenal’s best players, which is saying something.

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