Arsene Wenger hailed Hull as a side without ‘any weaknesses’ as he apologised for the referee’s decision against Alexis Sanchez and for making a point that wasn’t quite to the journalists’ liking.

Given the pressure of the situation and all the speculation caused by Ian Wright’s comments about his future (which Wenger denied), the boss was very relaxed in his post-match press duties. Cracking jokes with reporters, he was magnanimous in victory.

“As you said it was more about the mathematics than about the brilliance today because we had absolutely to win today,” Wenger said.

“Unfortunately against a good team who I cannot see even from the stand any weakness in there. Physically they are strong, they are organised, they have a good spirit and technically they are good as well.

“So overall I felt that we started well until we led 1-0, we created some very good chances. After we became a bit more protective to protect the result. After that we were playing a bit more to not concede a goal and that’s what the game was about because we knew that was absolutely vital to win today.”

Asked about Alexis’ handball (the ball hit him with no intention on his part and it speaks volumes that the media care more about this than Alonso knocking Hector Bellerin out to score his opener last week), Wenger, again, was eager to be reasonable and conciliatory. “Honestly, I don’t know [if it was handball],” he replied.

“I’m responsible for many things, but not for the referee’s decisions.

“I feel sorry for Hull but I feel that we had as well to cope recently with some decisions where you didn’t ask me this question. So I am sorry.

“I want the right decisions to be made.”

I think that’s all anyone wants, really. But it sticks in the throat when you see the majority of headlines dedicated to this non-incident while the very same outlets spoke about Bellerin not being brave or strong enough when he was knocked into the middle of next week.

Wenger tried to highlight how Arsenal have also been on the end of decisions that have gone against them yet the journalists never seemed bothered enough to ask about them. One pointed out he had been asked about Alonso last week, to which Wenger replied, “Yes, yes. I am sorry for that then. There are some other goals that we conceded, like at Man City, that nobody said was offside.”

Which one, Arsene? Which one?