The Kelly Smith celebration game allowed fans to see the Arsenal Ladies team for the first time this season, (apart from those who went to Spain and Portugal) and the team is taking shape nicely.

If we infer from all the pre-season friendlies so far Pedro Losa seems to have a settled first 11 and a strong backing up 11 as well.

The first 11would be as follows: Van Veenendaal, Scott Williamson Rose Mitchell, Williams Nobbs Little, O’Reilly Taylor Carter.

And the second 11 would look like this: Moorhouse, Patten Sampson Wubben-Moy Hinds, Janssen Humprey Van De Donk, Kelly Mead McCabe

Sian Rogers is the third goalkeeper and Rianna Dean the third centre forward.

What we saw on Sunday was that the link between Nobbs and Little is as strong as ever and they have added Heather O’Reilly to the equation. It was really good to see the team playing with a proper right-winger, bombing down the flanks, something we have not seen for a long time after Gemma Davison left for Liverpool.

The back five seemed to be settled. Williamson being given the number 6 shirt is a clear indication that the coaching staff see her future there. Form and injuries will dictate if Williams or Janssen takes the defensive midfield spot, while Van De Donk’s flexibilty could see her take any of the front three places.

Beth Mead has not played with the team yet but is selected for England u23 at La Manga so  hopefully she will be fit for the FA Cup tie next month as Rianna Dean is breathing down