Although I think most of us were expecting an embarrassing performance and result against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, it’s never nice to actually have to live through it.

3-1 doesn’t sound like THAT bad a scoreline against the team who were nine (now 12) points clear at the top of the Premier League table. However, it wasn’t the result itself that bothered most, it was the bizarre performance – one we’ve seen all too often and not just this season.

As ever, we learned a lot from our humiliation but will be actually change anything?

Probably not.

Francis Coquelin is poo

I’ve never been a fan of Coquelin and while I could appreciate he was really trying to sort his positioning and ability to pass the ball anywhere other than to someone next to him earlier in the season, he’s now indefensible.

The midfielder wasn’t just bad against Chelsea, he was embarrassing. He FELL OVER trying to dispossess Eden Hazard, who then scored the Blues’ second goal of the afternoon with ease and offered nothing other than stagnant passing, gaps in midfield and an exposed back four.

We must keep Wojciech Szczesny at all costs

Woj is currently enjoying his second season on loan at Roma and is now their established first choice goalkeeper.

While I appreciate the legend that Petr Cech is, at 34, he seems to have lost it and we need to do everything we can to bring Woj back to us once his loan spell in Italy is over.

People have been questioning Cech all season and while I could understand where they’re coming from, I’ve usually tried to defend him since I also see how much good he does. However, when he ran out of his goal and couldn’t amble back in time to stop Cesc Fabregas (who else?) from lobbing him, I was horrified.

That guy has almost two decades of experience and he makes the most basic goalkeeping errors.

Meanwhile, Woj has kept nine clean sheets in 22 Serie A games and only shipped 21 goals – under a goal a game. Cech has shipped 28 in 24 Premier League appearances and kept seven clean sheets.

Gabriel is not a right-back

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Gabriel is not a right-back.

After Hector Bellerin was ‘fairly’ elbowed unconscious by Marcos Alonso and subbed off, Gabriel was brought on in his place and more or less killed the game.

Of course, others were to blame, the whole team (except the Ox) had a stinker, but Gabriel was one of the worse.

The Brazil international just doesn’t have the speed, agility or vision that the 21-year-old has and I’m worried that he’s our second choice right-back.

Alexis Sanchez needs to get over himself

Alexis has always had a habit of holding onto the ball a little longer than he should. Some call his selfishness ‘drive’ and applaud him when it means he scored, which is quite often, I’ll give him that. However, when he’s playing badly, like against Chelsea (and Watford), he just comes across as a bit of a d**khead.

He’d rather go it alone and get dispossessed if he could potentially score, than lay the ball off and give someone else the potential for glory. Of course you want a player who lives to score but football is a team sport.

The whole sulking debacle when he was subbed off against Swansea, his selfish yet sub-par performances over the last couple of games and then his reluctance to go over and thank the traveling fans at Stamford Bridge have left a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth.

It’s time for Arsene Wenger to go

Daily Cannon has always mostly been a pro-Wenger site.

Despite bumps in the road, we’ve always acknowledged that he knows better than us. However, now, it’s impossible to defend him, his tactics, or his post-match comments, which are always the same.

It’s groundhog day season after season and I for one am exhausted.

As Lee said via the Daily Cannon Twitter account: